About Us

Hurricane or storm damage to your roof is a major disaster, and time is not on your side when it comes to getting your home or commercial business roof secured and waterproofed. You need a SMART-TARPTM Roof Shrink-Wrap system installed right away!

A SMART-TARPTM roof shrink-wrap system is a fully functional, waterproof roof barrier that protects your home or business from rain, wind, and UV damage. The SMART-TARPTM roof shrink-wrap waterproof barrier is custom fit to your roof, providing a waterproof seal guaranteed to last for at least one year. The incredibly durable construction of our tear-resistant roof shrink-wrap system is the preferred protective roof covering.

We work with your insurance company, allowing us to provide comprehensive, no-cost protection for your damaged roof — often installed within 72 hours.

Join thousands of property owners that have placed their trust in SMART-TARPTM.